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On 28 January 2002 the European Food Safety Authority laid down the general principles and requirements of food law which regulates the production of animal feed for both food producing and non-food producing animals.

The regulations are there to ensure that feed is safe and does not have an adverse effect on human or animal health.

Feed safety is achieved in a number of ways and Brathadair does this by means of the following;

[The company seeks to be FEMAS accredited*] and this ensures that;

– All raw materials are identified and can be traced back to an     individual manufacturer or group of manufacturers.

– Samples from each production run are retained for analysis.

– Analytical testing is periodically undertaken by independent and fully accredited laboratories. This ensures that the quality our product remains consistent.

– The company undertakes risk assessment of all its manufacturing processes to ensure that at every step risk is minimized.

– The company is subject to annual inspection under FEMAS and is registered with the relevant local authorities

Full technical specification for all products is available upon request.

* Accreditation pending initial assessment


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