About Pelletising

Feed is the predominant cost factor in animal production.

The pelletising process ensures that a better mixing of raw materials takes place with the consequence that no selective feeding will take place.

Pelletised feed promotes animal growth due to better feed conversion rates and improves the uptake of protein in the rumen.

Pelletising reduces wastage; there is no wind loss on pellets. Wastage on loose feeds can be up to 30%.

Pelletised product allows for easier transportation and handling. The ration is less bulky and therefore reduces the need for storage space. Pelletised product typically only has 10% moisture content – enabling it to be stored for up to prolonged periods without deterioration in product quality.

Buying animal feed pellets makes economic sense as their is less wastage. After factoring in handling and storage then true economic cost can be less than that of grain.



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Pelletized Animal Feed